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We enable companies to introduce innovative solutions in the field of efficient management of raw materials. We prepare reports on the influence of projects on the environment. We carry out environmental reviews of industrial enterprises and carry out energy audits of buildings. Thus, we present a full range of materials together with innovative design solutions that meet legal requirements for environmental safety of a given business activity.

We implement comprehensive design works in the field of air pollution control, including electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, conversion of electrostatic precipitators into bag filters, cooling towers and reactors for full evaporation cooling/conditioning of gases, forced draught coolers, convection coolers, mass coolers, dust transport systems (including chain conveyors), special feeders, dampers and other devices which de-dusting installations are equipped with. What is more, we carry out repairs, modernization and replacement of internal equipment of de-dusting systems. We provide comprehensive services within the general contracting and implementation of “turnkey” investments, i.e. we prepare applications necessary to obtain positive administrative decisions, we complete deliveries, carry out erection and commissioning, we also carry out investor's and author's supervisions, warranty and post-warranty service, and we train maintenance staff.


Thus, we specialize in designing and delivery of industrial de-dusting systems from industrial processes and  waste incineration plants, gas desulphurisation and dust transport systems for complex industrial processes in the heavy industry.


We make design documentation using licensed programs: AutoCAD Mechanical; Inventor; Navisworks; Vault.



Heavy industry Power industry Metallurgical industry Non-ferrous metals industry Cement Plants Coke plants

Heavy industry

The heavy industry is defined as one that produces investment goods. Whereas its condition ...

Power industry

Treatment and transport of gas from production processes is closely linked to the area of ...

Metallurgical industry

In an industry that is largely based on difficult exploitation processes, a current necessity is ...

Non-ferrous metals industry

The raw material sector is one of the economic and social priorities of the ...

Cement Plants

The use of modern de-dusting devices that limit the main source of pollution, i.e. ...

Coke plants

Technological processes taking place in the coke industry are adversely affecting the environment due ...
Analyses and pre-investment concepts Comprehensive design and engineering documentation Supply and assembly of key machinery and equipment General implementation of “turnkey” investments Training, start-ups and acceptance

Analyses and pre-investment concepts

This stage requires a very detailed analysis of needs and expectations of future users of ...

Comprehensive design and engineering documentation

We prepare design documentation that includes technical drawings and a detailed description of work on ...

Supply and assembly of key machinery and equipment

As part of investment implementation, BIPROMET carries out a complete supply of machinery and equipment, ...

General implementation of “turnkey” investments

In its organizational structure, apart from the Design Department, BIPROMET also has a General Investment ...

Training, start-ups and acceptance

We prepare start-up documentation and operating instructions at the stage of commissioning of an ...

General PMP Investment Designer

20,000 tons - total weight of steel structures

20,000 tons - total weight of steel structures

13 000 tons - steel structure of the main building

13 000 tons - steel structure of the main building

3 500 - tonne design a slurry furnace

3 500 - tonne design a slurry furnace

350 000 - m3 total design volume the complex of the object

350 000 - m3 total design volume the complex of the object

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