Press Release 06/03/2017

President Przebindowski on the success of the Polish technical expertise in Magazyn Hutniczy

About BIPROMET’s activity in 2016, with a prospective look at the near future, in the February edition of Magazyn Hutniczy, the President of the Management Board, Zbigniew Przebindowski, was interviewed by editor Edward Szwagierczak.

The discussed topics concerned, among others, the most important challenges and accomplishments made in the past year, plans for 2017, as well as participation in the largest investment project, i.e. design and execution of a modern copper smelter in Głogów.

President Przebindowski stressed that "the projects implemented by BIPROMET are definitely going along with the direction of development of Polish economic sectors, among others, by implementing cost-effective, innovative environmental solutions that reduce environmental pollution, while reducing the company’s costs related to the manufacturing and organizational processes over the long term." He also added that “over the years our development strategy has now yielded satisfactory financial results that allow us to further use our development potential by engaging in international ventures."

As for the perspective of 2017, the President stressed that "the company's business model that has been worked out over the years has proven to be effective in dealing with customers and business partners. BIPROMET's active participation on the Polish and international markets is an element of the developing strategy for search of Investors for whom the developed technological solutions can be used to deliver significant design and executive projects. What is more, BIPROMET's innovative designs are the result of the Polish technical expertise of designers, which is definitely already noticed and appreciated in the world, especially in the non-ferrous metal industry and more."

In the interview, there was a conclusion concerning the completion of the PMP project, as BIPROMET was the General Investment Designer throughout the implementation period. Thus, President Przebindowski stressed that "current innovations applied at Głogów Copper Smelter set standards for other international industrial complexes, and moreover the acquired competences constitute a significant investment capital at BIPROMET". 

The extensive interview was conducted by editor E. Szwagierczak, and can be found in edition No. 7 of Magazyn Hutniczy, dated. 14-02-2017.



President Przebindowski on the success of the Polish technical expertise in Magazyn Hutniczy

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